Experience is the key to success

If you already possess substantial professional experience, Knorr-Bremse offers you every opportunity to contribute and further develop your skills and experience.

In addition to our management track, we offer attractive career and development opportunities for our top performers and high-potentials, including specialty tracks.

Specialty track levels are structured similarly to management positions:

  • Advisor/Specialist (3rd reporting level)
  • Specialist Advisor/Senior Specialist (2nd reporting level)

In addition, specialized project management is becoming increasingly important in our changing work environment. It is particularly important as a project manager in the rail vehicle industry to work successfully with changing team members, different nationalities and possibly even across multiple time zones.

If you are an expert in your field, possess several years of professional experience and are looking for a new challenge, then visit our job market and get an overview of our current job offers.


Management positions at Knorr-Bremse begin with Team Manager (3rd reporting level), followed by Specialty Division Manager (2nd reporting level), Department Manager (1st reporting level) and finally corporate management.

Management staff are informed of strategic topics directly by the Board of Directors during various events held several times a year. This is essential, for as part of our management staff, you yourself are a stakeholder in the company.

From early on, we attempt to identify management personalities through internal development centers. This may be followed by national or international talent-pool events and individual management audits. We prefer to find these personalities in-house. Internal hires for management positions total 85%.

If you have a management personality or would like to develop one, visit our job market for an overview of our current job openings.