• Multistage Air Purification

  • Multistage Air Purification

  • Multistage Air Purification

This innovative technology eliminates more than 99% of air contamination inside train cars.

At Merak, we have always been taking care of passengers' comfort, providing the right temperature, humidity and air speed to train cars.

Today our innovation addresses one of the biggest concerns worldwide, which is air quality.

clean[air] is Merak's technology suite to support rail operators and passengers in providing safe, healthy, and comfortable rail transportation during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • It is a multistage system acting in 3 different dimensions
  • Solution that fits all manufacturer's needs and requirements and offers multiple configurations
  • All clean[air] technologies combined provide the highest disinfection level

In addition to this, our sensing technology and software allows for data visualization. Passengers can check the air quality index, CO2, PM10, PM2.5 and VOC levels on their smartphones at any time and feel safer, because they are protected.


Merak Air Treatment Technolgies & Solutions for sustainable Health and Comfort all-round

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Technology to protect the passengers' health


Firstly, air quality is improved through increased fresh air intake. Secondly, air is blown in from the compartment ceiling and extracted from the floor. This downward air flow reduces the risk of infection for passengers sitting or standing in close proximity to each other.


Merak’s portfolio includes long-life and electrostatic filters that can remove particles of less than 0,2 microns including the aerosols that transport the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The performance of the filters is comparable to that of high-efficiency filters.


The most effective solutions against airborne pathogens are: UV-C irradiation, electric near-fields and ionization technology. Ions act where it is most needed, close to people talking and sneezing, deactivating viruses and bacteria. They also destroy formaldehyde and other organic compounds which might be present in the car and are harmful to people

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